Welcome to Summer in Maine 

Should you find yourself vacationing in central Maine this summer we welcome you to join us for worship any Sunday.  We hope that your stay proves to be a rejuvenating one and that you return home relaxed and ready for whatever the future may bring.



Sunday, June 4th: Trinity Sunday including Holy Communion       

Scripture readings: Matthew 28:16-20; Second Corinthians 13:5-13

Ushers: Diane and Jerry Stuart

Pianist: Marie Tesch

Liturgist: Bob Sinclair

Worship Leader and preacher: Pastor Rich Cullen

Technicians: Cecil Munson and John Palmer

Counters: Anne Carter and Trudy Crandall

Fellowship Time: 

Theme:  Go and Make Disciples- According to the Gospel of Matthew, the Risen Christ does not appear to the disciples until some days after the first Easter and not in Jerusalem, but in Galilee.  There he gives what has come to be known as the “Great Commission” in which he instructs them to “go” and in going, to make disciples.  Just what does this entail and how can we carry on this commission in our own day?

The service will be offered on line as well using the ZOOM link that you will find below. 


Please Join Us for worship on Sundays at 10:00 am either in person or on-line, via Zoom for our Virtual Worship Service - All Are Welcome. Simply click on the link below to be taken into the Zoom Meeting Room where we will be waiting to welcome you! Please note that the password is:  789671