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Lenten Bible Study for 2018


Who Are We?

Cox Memorial UMC - Hallowell

Dresden/Richmond UMC - Richmond

Green Street UMC - Augusta

Highland Avenue UMC - Gardiner

E. Pittston UMC - E. Pittston

Randoph UMC - Randolph

Since August of last year a group of five United Methodist Churches positioned along the beautiful Kennebec River have joined in cooperative ministries in each of our communities.

Our summer events last year were focused on taking our churches beyond the boundaries of our buildings and meeting people in local parks and waterfront areas. We simply asked people: "What do you feel hopeful about in the world today?"

People were invited to create a "Ribbon of Hope" that was then added to our "Tapestry of Hope" which traveled from event to event. Across all of the events, we engaged more than 300 people in conversation about hope.

Again this year we will be offering a "cooperative" Lenten Bible Study among our five United Methodist Churches meeting each Saturday during Lent at a different church.

Kennebec River Churches

Invite you to a Lenten journey of “HOLY SOLITUDE”

as we explore together Lenten reflections with Saints, Hermits, Prophets and Rebels Saturdays during Lent from 8:30 am to 10:00 am - February 17 - March  24

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