In 2019 the six churches comprising the Kennebec River United Methodist Churches entered into an informal agreement to support one another through mutual ministry opportunities.  Since that time the six congregations have participated in classes, Advent retreats, and outdoor worship experiences.  Due to the pandemic most joint activities have been put on hold, but we are once again beginning to join together in fellowship, learning, and ministry.

Effective July 1, 2022 the six churches of the Kennebec River Churches will officially become a Cooperative Parish.  This announcement was made in each church on Sunday, May 22nd:

Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar, episcopal leader of the New England Annual Conference, intends to make the following appointments as of July 1, 2022, provided that all preliminary matters are accomplished:

Rev. Karen L. Munson Coordinating Pastor for Dresden Richmond UMC

                                                Half time appointment for Green Street UMC

                                                Lead Pastor for the 2022-23 Cooperative Parish

Rev. Rich Cullen                Coordinating Pastor for East Pittston UMC

                                                Half time appointment for Cox Memorial UMC

Rev. Ruth Merriam          Coordinating Pastor for Randolph UMC

                                                Half Time appointment for Highland Avenue UMC

In each pairing, the appointed pastor will have primary pastoral care responsibility and a regular preaching schedule. In addition, each pastor will bring focused leadership to all six churches based on needs of the churches and gifts of the pastors. 

A coordinating team of two people from each church will work with the pastors to plan preaching and event schedules as well as identify and respond to shared interest planning. 

All six Staff Parish Relations Committees consulted individually with the District Superintendent, committing to this shared leadership over the next appointment year.  All SPRCs met together on Saturday, May 21, to launch and bless this year long partnership in ministry.  Coordinating Team members have been identified and will begin their work shortly.

Please join us in praying to be avenues of Gods’ grace for our churches and wider communities as we open ourselves to God’s possibilities this year.




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  Cox Memorial UMC, Hallowell, ME