Maine winters are known to be long and often challenging- snow, ice, cold, and darkness seem to prevail.  So, come summer we know that it is important to live it up by getting outside, enjoying the natural world that God has blessed us with, and soaking up the sun whenever possible.  Should you be vacationing here in Maine we would love to have you join us for worship either in person or via ZOOM.  You are always welcome!


Sunday, September 4th: The Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost including Holy Communion            

                Scripture readings: Jeremiah 18:1-11; Luke 14:25-33

                Liturgist: Diane Stuart

                Ushers: Jerry and Diane Stuart

                Worship leader and preaching:  Pastor Rich

                Fellowship Time: 

Theme:  Costly Discipleship- Jesus’ teaching about what it means to be his disciple causes us to sit up and take notice.  How can he possibly expect us do what he asks? Isn’t it enough to just believe in him? Discipleship that really is discipleship is clearly costly and we must all count the cost! 

The service will be offered on line as well using the ZOOM link that you will find below. 


We continue to offer in person worship each Sunday and as the situation here in Maine continues to change regarding the Covid-19 virus our restrictions continue to change as well. Effective immediately here is what you need to know if you are planning to participate in in-person worship:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available once you enter the building.¬† Please feel free to use it before touching anything.
  • Mask wearing is now optional for all people (but still encouraged)
  • Social distancing in the sanctuary is still encouraged.
  • Singing of hymns is now back to being a regular part of our worship experience.
  • We have resumed our after worship "fellowship time" as of July 3rd, 2022.

We will continue to live stream the worship service at 10:00am also via the ZOOM link that is included below.

Fall Bible Study

All are welcome to participate in online Bible Study with Rev. Rich Cullen.  The eight-session class will be offered via ZOOM starting on Tuesday, October 11th and will conclude on Tuesday, November 29th. All classes will be at 7:00pm.

We will explore the Book of Revelation using the book and DVD, ‚ÄúBreaking the Code: Revised Edition‚ÄĚ by Dr. Bruce Metzger.¬†Books¬†can be ordered either from Cokesbury or Amazon and cost $11.99. ¬†Here is what Cokesbury has to say about this study:

A trustworthy guide to understanding the Book of Revelation.The Book of Revelation contains passages of great beauty and comfort, as well as passages that strike the casual reader as bizarre, bewildering, and sometimes frightening. How are readers today to discern God’s message in this peculiar part of the Bible?

Breaking the Code Revised Edition provides a trustworthy guide to the rich symbolism of this important biblical book. Noted biblical scholar Bruce M. Metzger presents the fruits of solid scholarship in a non-academic style. This revised edition includes updates based on current biblical research, as well as additional teaching from author and respected New Testament scholar David deSilva.

Please Join Us for worship on Sundays at 10:00 am either in person or on-line, via Zoom for our Virtual Worship Service - All Are Welcome. Simply click on the link below to be taken into the Zoom Meeting Room where we will be waiting to welcome you! Please note that the password is:  789671